Hypothyroidism And Infertility

Hypothyroidism is a condition caused due the insufficient production of the hormone thyroxine by the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is found to affect the fertility of both male and females. Women are mostly found to be affected by hypothyroidism than men.One of the major reasons of incidence of hypothyroidism is the deficiency of iodine. Hypothyroidism can be passed on as a hereditary factor also.

Hypothyroidism causes problems with ovulation and disrupts the menstrual cycle in women. In men, hypothyroidism is found to decrease the sperm count and affect the viability of the sperm. It can also cause decreased sex drive, miscarriage and also might lead to premature child birth.

It is seen that in females suffering from hypothyroidism, the hormones like progesterone are metabolized too quickly which leads to unsuccessful fertilization. In some women hypothyroidism leads to another condition of cyst in the ovaries which further impairs fertilization.

The major symptom of hypothyroidism is the sudden and unexplained weight loss or gain.It can also caused depression, irritability, constipation, fatigue, dry skin and bad hair texture. In females it can also cause very heavy periods or a very long menstrual cycle. Some women can also experience a autoimmune version of hypothyroidism, in which the cells of the body turn into killer cells.

Hypothyroidism can be treated fully and most women will be able to achieve a normal pregnancy later. But the important part is diagnosing the disease at the earliest. The symptoms of hypothyroidism can sometimes be very vague. Hypothyroidism can be established with a simple blood test. A thyroid test under the consultation of an endocrinologist is the safest option.

Hypothyroidism is most often treated by the usage of a synthetic version of the thyroxine hormone. This is found to have almost zero side effects and is found to resolve the problems in most of the people. Proper medical evaluation and care is very much required as the usage of incorrect doses of this medicine may lead to other complications.

If you have hypothyroidism and still you get pregnant then be sure to get advice from your physician as the condition requires proper medical attention and monitoring.

Hypothyroidism is a condition which can be cured completely. By effective and proper treatment ,you can be sure that your chances of fertility are as good as any other normal couple.