Ideas For Kids Friendly Vacations

Ideas For Kids Friendly VacationsThe best idea which will make your kids, for spending their vacation would be to let them spend as they want to. Letting them loose to have a nice happy vacation will make them learn many new things.

Summer Vacations have always been a special part of our childhood. Even at this age you must be holding sweet memories of your month’s long vacations.

Summer Vacations a Blessing

Summer Vacations are just like a blessing in disguise for each and every kid on this earth. There are no set routines for the kids. They can get up whenever they want, play according to their own will. There are no restrictions of sleeping early or getting up early to go to school. But these days the Summer Vacations have become more or less like going to school.

The parents make their child join Summer Camps, Dance Classes, Judo Karate, swimming classes etc. to keep them busy all day long. That is why they are not able to enjoy and send their vacations as per their liking. The main formula for making their vacations full of fun and frolic is to let them spend the holidays as they want and definitely the vacations will turn out to be real kid’s friendly vacations.

Things to Keep In Mind During Vacations

If you are planning Kid’s Friendly vacations then there are few important things that you should keep in mind while planning their vacations:

Take Some Time Out For kids

It is vacation time for kids but not for you. Due to your job or other work if you are not able to spend time with them, then just to kill their time do not send them to any Activity Class. Instead spare some time for your kids from your busy schedule. You can easily do that and spend some quality time with them. They will also feel important and loved if you will specially take time out for them.

Make Them Aware About Family Members

mostly we live in Nuclear families today, so the kids hardly know about the other members of the family like aunts, cousins, uncles etc. But this is the right and the correct time when they are also free, just sit with them and make them aware of all the family members. They should know about their relationship with these family members.  You can socialise by taking them to your relatives’ home. This way they will learn about relationships and learn the habit of living together with the whole family.

Understand Their Happiness

Understand their Happiness

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A vacation does not mean that this is the time when you should take them to 10 learning centres for various activities which you could not learn as a child.  Try and understand what their core interest is and what will make them happy. Then choose or decide any activity for summer vacations for them. If the child says that he/ she wants to learn dancing, then better take him to dancing classes. If you will do so the child will feel cherished and will feel happy too. Just keep your happiness aside while looking for his happiness.

Never Pressurise Him

Usually it is found that even before the vacations start the parents start deciding and planning about what they will make their child learn during vacations.  They think that they need to make their child stand out from the whole crowd, so they need to teach him something different.

This is totally wrong because many kids just join the courses to make their parents happy or due to their pressure. But the parents should understand that if their child will try to learn something which is not of his choice he will never excel in that field. If you want to make your child’s future bright then never pressurize him to do anything.

Never Compare Him With His Mates

This is the biggest blunder that parents generally do .In order to make their child understand, they start comparing him with other kids in his class. But they never realise this fact that just like elders, even the kids do not like being compared to anyone. So make it a point not to compare your child with any other child.

Just keep this in mind that your child is the best and there are other means through which you can initiate competitive spirit in your child. During vacations never compare your child with others who are learning many new things. Just let him pick and join the activity of his choice and see that in near future he will excel in that field.

Vacations Should Be Restriction Less

Vacations is the perfect time to set him free. Remove all the restrictions like getting up early, sleeping very late at night. Let him play whenever he wants and you will see it yourself how happy he will feel once you do this. Do remember to appreciate your child’s each and every activity which he is learning or trying to learn during vacations. This will develop self confidence of the child.

Try to Enhance His Creativity

Try to Enhance His Creativity

During normal days you are busy with your schedule and he is busy with his homework, so you hardly get any time to find out his creative aspect. But vacations will let you do this. May be the things for which you keep on scolding him are real core of his interest.

If you want to find n out his creative aspect then keenly observe all his activities during the holidays. Try to find out what is that thing which he really enjoys doing and then you will definitely be able to find out his real pursuit. If you are able to find out his creativity, then you will be the best parents for your child in the world.

Thus if you will keep on observing very keenly all these things then you will definitely make the vacations very friendly for your child. This way you would be making his vacations, a real fun time for him. Remember that this is the most precious time for kids, so try to make it special for them.

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