Identifying Childhood Stress -Its Symptoms and Reasons

Stress can affect anyone and children are not exceptions. They do not know the meaning of stress and the fact they are experiencing it. Therefore, its difficult for kids to understand it and express their feelings.

It may be in the form of kids behavioral changes like mood swings or any physical effects like headaches or stomach pain etcTherefore it’s important for parents to observe and understand the various signs of stress and help their kids to cope with them.

Other signs and symptoms of stress in kids may be:

  • Declining interest in studies
  • Developing introvert behavior
  • Thumb sucking
  • Bed wetting and change in sleeping patterns
  • Telling lies, involving in bullying activities
  • Nightmares, depressed
  • Becoming over possessive for parents
  • Frequent or increased tantrums, fussy

The above symptoms help the parents to realize that their kids are undergoing stress. But in order to help their kids to overcome stress it’s very essential for the parents to know the root cause of the problem .So, its important for parents to spend quality time with their kids and discuss and find out the reason for their stress.

Basically these days ,kids are having a tough time balancing their academics and various other activities like music classes, dancing classes, swimming classes etc leaving them overloaded  with these work and giving them no time to relax .Thus giving rise to stress in their kids life.

In case of working mothers, where infants spend their entire day without their mothers at day care centres,there is separation anxiety in infants .However ,they cannot express their feelings but there are obvious symptoms to understand this fact.Even,during the early stages of preschool, separation from their parents causes anxiety and stress to the little ones.

Parents generally carry big expectations from their kids without considering their kids ability and pass on the same expectations to them. These expectations of parents for their kid’s excellent performance at school and other activities may make them depressed and introvert.Even, peer pressure and social pressure on kids creates the quest to fit in, leaving them anxious and depressed.

Parents stress like financial problems, relatives problems, divorce or separation, unhappy home atmosphere leaves their kids stressed. Disturbing news like terrorism, natural calamities, plane crashes, illness of family members, death etc also leaves them worrying and stressed.

Raka Raghuvanshi