Impact of Motherhood

Once the baby comes there are whole new sets of emotions that one needs to deal with. There is a change in relationships that the baby brings which comes with a mixed bag of emotions depending on the number of people that are involved. Not only have you become a mother but new relations like aunts, uncle’s brothers and sisters have evolved in this process.

The process of being a child to becoming a teenager then a wife then a mother and finally a grandmother is what most women go through. Each involves taking a step toward maturity. But the part of motherhood happens to be the biggest step of all.

When you become a mother, you need to remember that you are yet a daughter and after a while you realise that your mother begins to compete with you as your child’s mother. For her, you are yet her child.

Another adjustment that is necessary is to juggle between being a wife and a mother at the same time. It is most common for the father to feel neglected as a husband and begin to compete for your attention from the new baby. Both these situations can lead to stress and you need to remember that you are not the target. Instead try to be aware of who you are in each of the relationships.

Babies need attention to survive. Your husband demands attention to fulfil his emotional and sexual needs and your mother looks upon the baby as a way to renew her own motherhood and regain her youth.  To deal with these pressures you need to be aware of your expanding personality and adjust to each demanding situation correctly.

Do not become a target; if you do you will slowly lose control over all situations. Acknowledge your fears, anxieties, anger or resentment and be aware of it and change it. If you take control you will stay happy and healthy all through the difficult process of motherhood.

Give yourself the space everyone requires, not only from the baby but from the father and others also. Explain to them your need to be alone and don’t worry about how they feel. It is wiser to solve the problem at hand which is your own problem rather than burdening yourself with the problems of others. It is okay to shut yourself out from the rest of the world for some time each day. You will be happier in the process.

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