Implantation Bleeding

There can be times when you will see bleeding during pregnancy but you should not panic at that stage. Since such a situation is new and unaccustomed to, you just need to breathe deeply and deal with the situation in the correct manner.

Be calm and be assured that bleeding does not necessarily mean miscarriage or any such problem. Your first step should be to analyze the bleeding.

Implantation bleeding during early pregnancy does not signify miscarriage or any such complications irrespective of the color of the blood or the presence of clots. This type of implantation bleeding is common in almost 30% pregnant women.

Remember that if you are in the first trimester and you experience little bleeding then the more likely cause is implantation bleeding. The fertilized ovum tries to reside in the lining of the uterus and in the process leads to a small amount of blood loss from the wall of the lining.

However, bleeding in the first trimester is also a sign of miscarriage. There is no reason to panic but please note that 50% women who have bleeding in the first trimester do undergo a miscarriage.

But what are the sure signs of miscarriage? Well, bleeding in the first trimester means a miscarriage only if the quantity is huge, it is red in color and the amount does not decrease on a daily basis.

So implantation bleeding can be due to any reason. So it is better that you visit a doctor immediately to give him/her a detailed report about what you have experienced so far. There is no doubt that implantation bleeding can bring joy and/or sorrows.

Bleeding can continue till the 2nd and 3rd trimester. But this bleeding is a danger sign and you should consult your doctor without any further delay. Usually the bleeding during this period is associated with cramps and pelvic pain. All these can lead to a very critical medical condition like placental abruption.

However, if you are experiencing cramps and backaches then chances are that you have entered into a preterm labor. So, whatever be the case, do consult your doctor on time so that you are saved from any unnecessary medical complications.