Importance of a Baby Book

Once you get pregnant and let out the news there will be excitement all around especially from your family. As you go through your pregnancy you will go through lots of changes in your body. You will also begin to buy maternity clothes and by the time you reach the eighth month the shopping for your baby will start.

Besides all the clothes and stuff you get for the baby make sure to buy a baby book. You can start filling the baby book before your baby is born. Choose a book which allows you to record your baby’s development while it is still in the womb.

This will help you in your next pregnancy as well when you may want to compare notes between the first pregnancy and the next one. Remember to take the baby book with you to the hospital so that you can record the exact time of birth and the names of all the people who visited. You could ask all those present during the delivery to write something about you and your baby in the book.

You are surely going to click lots of photos of your new born baby so stick the first one in the baby book. The book is used to record all the milestones in the child’s life.

You must write the date and day that you were discharged from the hospital. While you are in the hospital you and your baby would be given a band to wear; stick that in the book as some of the fond memories.

Once you get home and start opening the gifts you can write down all that was given to your baby. Describe your baby’s first bath and first day at home. Write about the reaction of your husband to the baby. When you cut your baby’s nails stick them in the book.

These would be the first nails and every time you look at them you will see yourself smiling.. Also stick a lock of hair in the book for fond memories. Put your child’ hand and foot print in the book and write the date next to it.

You will find yourself reading this book quite often; especially when your child grows up and he too will enjoy reading the book. You will wonder where all those years went by.