Importance of Breast Feeding

There are so many advantages of breast feeding for both the mother and the baby that every mother should plan to breast feed he baby for the first few months. If the mother has the will and determination to breast feed she will rarely fail.Breast feeding is the most satisfying experience for bothe the mother and the baby.It gives the baby a sence of closeness and security to the mother which artificial feeding cannot give.

For a mother breast feeding is less trouble as breast milk is sterile, warm and ready for the baby the moment he or she cries with hunger. There is no need to boil bottles and to boil water and also preparing the milk and cooling it to the right temperature while the baby is crying for milk. The breast fed baby does not get frustated as he need not have to wait for the be prepared..He is aware that he will be picked up by his mother and be allowed to suckle for as long as he wants.

Sometimes with bottled milk it gets emptied too fast even before the baby has got his fill of sucking.If the hole istoo small sucking is both frustrating and tiring for the infant.It is often said that thumb sucking in infants who have been breast fed is much less than in the case of those who have been bottle fed as the sucking has not been adequately fulfilled due to the use of the bottle.

Children who are breast fed are healthier and develop more powers of immunity. Breast milk is full of the necessary nutrients that is required for the infants normal growth. The nutrients it provides is also of the correct value, proportion and concentration. It is germ free and actually contains various factors to fight infections and through breast milk the mother passes on to the baby the immunity to various diseases .

A baby can begin to feed from the time they are out of the womb. They have the natural ability to suckle to suckle and do not need to be taught. They will actually help you in the process of breast feeding . Breast feeding can be done anywhere without any discomfort and requires no bottles and napkins and other items needed for bottle feeding

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