Importance of Discipline in Children Life

Discipline can be defined as particular code of conduct followed by a person .It’s a set of desirable rules which a person follows in his day to day activities with his family, friends or colleagues.Its about setting limits and correcting misbehavior.So, child discipline is very important as it encourages them, guides them and teaches them about good and appropriate behavior, manners which in later years develops them into healthy and happy adults with self discipline.

Children behavior is influenced by many factors .But when a child is young; his home is the world .He is new to this world and has no idea about the wrong and right behavior. It’s entirely the parent’s responsibility to guide the kids in the right direction and mould them accordingly right from the early stage. It helps to develop skills and knowledge.

  • Parents should set up certain rules and boundaries at home and follow themselves too so that the kids too start following them
  • Kids should be taught to deal with their siblings and other family members with respect and kindness. They should also be taught other values and beliefs like, forgiveness, resolving fights
  • When the child misbehaves, show patience guide them and explain them the importance of discipline instead of shouting on them
  • Too much criticism develops low confidence level in kids and hence must be avoided
  • Encourage and appreciate them for their good behavior. This develops positive attitude in them
  • Provide them safe and lovable atmosphere. This creates the feeling of self security in them
  • Assign small and reachable tasks as per their ability
  • Physical punishments should be avoided. This develops negative feeling about them.
  • For, preschool kids, rules must reminded to them .Parents needs to be patience.

Every child is different from each other and hence same set of rules cannot be applied to all of them.   They need to be different for different children and different age group. Discipline is a way to teach children about the do’s and don’ts.So, it’s important to understand the child and then discipline them accordingly.

Such kids when grow up ,realize the importance of discipline in life .They learn self discipline and self control and feel responsible for their own behavior.Hence,they value human life and know how to behave in social  and professional life which is full of rules, laws and boundaries. Thus, child discipline is an important element of successful parenting where the kids are made aware of certain desirable and undesirable behavior which helps to develop self control, mutual respect and accountability within the children and later to an adult.

Raka Raghuvanshi