Importance of Educating Children On Smoking

Maximum people develop the habit of smoking in their teens. There are number of factors which excite kids to take up this bad habit. Smoking is dangerous for both active smokers as well as passive smokers.

An adult breathe 15-16 times per minute and kids breath more number of times than adults.Hence, the chances of ill effects of smoking is more on kids health than adults. So, it’s very important to educate children about the adverse effect of smoking on health.

Pre-teens or teenage is the period in which kids wish to experiment and indulge in all activities without knowing its pros and cons.So,its very important for parents to develop  a strong foundation of communication with their kids right from the beginning.

They should always make themselves available for their kids query or discussions. Parents must educate their kids about the negative effect of smoking on their health and involve them in different activities of their interest.

Kids easily get influenced by their peer pressure.Hence; parents must build strong self esteem and self confidence in their kids. This helps their kids to handle those issues smartly and confidently. They should teach them about wrong and right decisions and encourage them to be part of good group of friends.

They should be taught to avoid being part of bad group of people. Parents who smoke also influence their kids to develop habit.Therefore, such parents should themselves quit smoking and set themselves as role models to their kids.

Kids who have already developed this habit of smoking, parents of those kids must help them to come out of this habit. They must encourage their kids to think  positively and provide unconditional support. They should help their kids to develop a quitting plan and provide emotional support. During this process, parents must also give them rewards and take the help of doctor, if needed.

Besides health hazards, smoking if not controlled can lead to various other wrong practices by kids.So, parents must be aware of their child activities. They should also be aware of their friendship circle .They must spend quality time together and discuss on the importance of good health. Health is wealth and so kids must be made aware of the various  risks of smoking.

Raka Raghuvanshi