Importance of Iron During Pregnancy

You are always advised to eat better when you are pregnant. You will have to be more careful about the foods that you choose, and also about the balance of your diet.Maintaining a balance in your diet is most important.

Not only for the baby, but also to ensure that you will not develop complications like blood pressure, high blood sugar and also constipation. You must make sure that you have foods high in nutrients and also calorific value.

Iron is a very important component of food, which is a must for all pregnant women. Iron is important since it helps in building red blood cells, which are a must for you and the growing baby. Initially in your pregnancy, you can be a little more lenient in the foods that you eat, but once you have entered the fifth month, you must make sure that you have a higher intake of iron included in your diet.

Iron will also help carry more oxygen to the baby. This is most rich and vital food source for the body. You will also be prescribed iron supplements once you are into your fifth month. If you are not recommended this by your gynaecologist, you can ask if it would be safe for you to start these supplements. You might already be on some form of supplements which include iron.

Foods that are very rich in iron are the pulses and beans. These must be had at least every alternate day. You can also have lots of greens which are a wonderful source of natural iron. This can also be alternated with the beans.

Cashews and other nuts are also foods which contain high content of iron. You must have at least one handful of nuts everyday. You can spread the intake out through the day, or consume them all at once. Make sure, however, that you balance this with other foods since nuts have the tendency to generate heat in the body, which is not good for the pregnant mother.

The importance of iron must not be ignored. You must make a conscious effort to include generous portions into your diet if you are on your way to becoming a mother.