Importance of Motivation in Kids

Motivation is the energy which drives an individual towards their goal and helps them to achieve it. Human beings are emotional in nature and hence motivation has an important significance in our life and kids are not an exceptions .They too need continuous motivation to move on life for their own small-small things.Parents, teachers, friends, neighbours all play a vital role in motivating kids.However, since the kids spend maximum of their time at home, role of parents becomes very important. Its one of the most difficult and challalenging responsibility of parenting.

Every child is different from one another; hence the motivation technique adopted by parents should also be different for different child. The first step for motivating kids is to understand their needs for motivation. Spend time with the kid and know what excites them to be their best and then accordingly motivate them.However, motivation needs too changes with time as they grow and mature and hence children will need different motivation in their different stages of life.

At home, parents should:

  • always praise them for their small/big achievements,
  • reward system should be followed,
  • spend time with kids and listen to their query,
  • show interest in their work and if needed help them out,
  • punishments and negative criticism should be avoided, instead give them time to improve ,
  • express your love to them,
  • build self confidence in them,
  • set some rules at home and set an example by following them. kids too will start following them,
  • encourage them to try new activities,
  • tell them stories which has a morale,
  • give them toys which help them to learn like puzzles etc.This helps to increase their knowledge.

At schools, teachers should set simple, common guide lines for their class. They should highlight the benefits of those rules and encourage children to follow them.

  • treat all children equally.
  • should vary teaching techniques in order to make study interesting,
  • provide conducive atmosphere in the class,
  • should set short term goals to the kids and asset them ,if needed,
  • give credit to the kids for their efforts,
  • for weaker students, teachers should develop stronger relationship with parents and child,
  • emphasis on skills like, time management, group activities, communication etc

Motivating children is a job of life time. It involves a lot of efforts and time but because children are our future and the most important investment of our life, it’s worth it.

Raka Raghuvanshi