Importance Of Physical Fitness For Kids, For Healthier New Generation

Obesity among children is one of the most common problems across the nation. This is mainly because of lack of physical activities and improper diet plan. Both children and teenagers should understand the importance of physical fitness.

Studies reveal that most of the school children do not get enough physical activities to develop healthier heart and lungs. Studies also show that school children get only one hour of physical activity in a week, in which a part of it will be for lectures.

In school level only ten to fifteen percent of the children are in the normal weight group while others fall under the category of over weight or obesity. Before children understand the importance of physical fitness, it is parents who should take initiative in understanding the importance of physical activities as well as balanced diet.

The first step in being physically fit is that a child should be flexible and it is also determined through muscle strength, body composition and cardio respiratory endurance. To achieve physical fitness, these four basic fitness components should be achieved. For kids who are not physically fit and obese need to take up some routine exercise regime which will help them in attaining the basic four components of fitness.

The most suitable exercise form for kids is aerobics, which address to all four components. Normal daily duties and sports activities come under aerobics, but it is necessary to do it for at least twenty five to thirty minutes a day continuously.

Exercise form can be anything, like swimming, cycling, dancing, walking, and jumping rope, soccer, roller skates and many more. These are set of best activities that are interesting for the kids as well as aide in physical fitness. It helps in increasing heart rate and helps kid to breathe hard. When they are involved continuously in physical activity, it will surely help them in achieving healthier heart and lungs.

Why children should be aware of physical fitness is that, being the next generation, they should not underestimate the benefits that are derived from physical activities. For the next generation to be healthier and productive, they should understand the importance of physical fitness.