Important Aspects Of The Three Trimesters Of Pregnancy

First Trimester Of PregnancyGetting pregnant is a joy for every couple as soon they will be starting a family. It is one of the greatest joys for a mother to be because giving birth to life is one of the greatest deeds anyone can do. Being pregnant and going through pregnancy might just be the most important time of your life.

Your body goes through drastic changes, your health and diet habits change a lot and all this happens because there is life growing inside you. Normally and in majority of the cases a pregnancy lasts for 9 months. These 9 months are divided into three trimesters of 3 months each. During these trimesters the body goes through a lot of different changes.

These include, changes in appearance, changes in body mass, changes in diet, sleeping patterns and a lot more. If you are to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby then there are a lot of aspects you need to be careful about at every point during your pregnancy.

The First Trimester

This is the first three months of your pregnancy. It is counted from the time you confirm your pregnancy till 12 weeks after that. Soon after you have confirmed your pregnancy, in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks your body will start undergoing changes. These changes will include a lot of hormonal changes. These changes can be quite drastic and they affect almost every major organ in your body.

These hormonal changes take place because they are preparing your body for the next stages of pregnancy when a lot of other changes are bound to take place. One of the most obvious signs of being pregnant is the stopping of your menstrual cycle. For the next nine months you will not menstruate. As menstruation has connections with the hormones, the changes accommodate this alteration in the body as well.

There are a lot of other changes that can happen in the first trimester of your pregnancy. But a lot of these are conditional. This is because every woman is different; as such every pregnancy is different. Some women feel a lot of discomfort during their pregnancy but some don’t feel any at all. In fact it has been reported that a woman getting pregnant for the second can feel differently than she did the first time round.

Feeling more tired and more frequently tired than usual is a common symptom. Your breasts might swell and become more tender, and your nipples might stick out more. Morning sickness is very common; however you may experience an upset stomach with or without this symptom. A lot of women have random food cravings and often distaste for other foods. In addition to that mood swings are very common. So it is best to let all your emotions out and not hold anything back.

Constipation and frequent urination are also amongst the most common symptoms and may last longer than the first trimester. A lot of your habits will change. Your bed hours, your waking hours, you start eating more frequently, or even in fewer quantities, but this is all part of your pregnancy. Things do tend to get better by the second trimester.

The Second Trimester

Second Trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester is from the 13th week to the 28th week of the pregnancy. A lot of women find this trimester easier on them compared to the first; however now a lot of other changes will take place. The most obvious one is that your abdomen will start expanding as the baby grows inside and needs more space to accommodate itself. An additional fact that all women love is that by the end of this trimester, or even before, you may be able to feel your baby moving inside you.

A few body aches may develop such in the back, thigh, groin or abdomen area. Some women experience stretch marks and some don’t. If you want to avoid these then you can consult your gynecologist for some anti-stretch mark creams or exercises. Usually, for most women, a line will develop between the belly button and the start of the pubic hairline. The skin tends to darken in patches at different parts of the body. For instance the area around the nipples might get darker. The Carpal Tunnel syndrome is the condition where you feel a tingling and/or a numbing sensation in your hands. The ankles, face, and feet swell during this trimester.

There are two very important things you need to look out for at this time of your pregnancy:

1. If you gain or lose weight really quickly or if any swelling occurs very suddenly, you need to call your doctor right away

.2. Call your doctor right away, if you experience any nausea, vomiting or jaundice.

The Third Trimester

The third trimester is the last stage of your pregnancy and takes place in the 29th to 40th week. You might start to get sick of having to stay at home all the time. Well don’t worry because it will all be over soon. Some of the discomforts of the second trimester get carried over to this stage. A new development may be that you might find breathing a little harder and your trips to the bathroom may become more frequent. This is primarily because the baby is quite big now and it puts a lot of pressure on your0/ bladder, specifically.

Heartburn is very common and it happens because the baby is growing bigger so your other organs are a little short on space. You may also experience hemorrhoids in this trimester. Your breasts might start to produce a pre-milk substance called colostrums and it will leak at times. You can have trouble sleeping; you might feel that the baby has started moving downwards in your belly. As well as that, contractions can indicate either true or false labor. Once your water breaks, you will know that you are in labor for sure.

These are the three trimesters of pregnancy. It is a very beautiful time and at the end of it you are rewarded with a beautiful new baby. So take care of your body and remember to take the right precautions and you will have a very healthy pregnancy and baby.

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