Important Discussion Between The Parents

As you get closer to your deliver there are lots of things you need to get done. You will also start completing all your pending jobs and stocking up your household stuff. Through all this one very important thing to do is sit with your spouse and discuss issues that will come up after the birth of the baby.

Couples are very caught up in the excitement of the baby’s birth. But you both need to sit together and make some decisions before the baby is born. If you are both from different castes and practise different religions; now is a good time to talk about whether you would want to baptise the baby or circumcise the baby. Another thing you can decide is who would you choose as the godmother and god father of the baby. Both parents need to make this decision together and be happy with it.

Now is a good time to talk about how much leave each parent will take once the baby is born and how it may affect the finances of the family. Speak about fears that you may have at the time of labour and delivery. Decide if any of the baby’s grandparents will come to stay with you and help with the baby and talk about how you feel about it.

Decide on the fathers role at birth and discuss all aspects of the delivery with him. Make sure you talk about how you both will try and keep your romance alive and be there for each other even after the baby comes. Discuss the option of childcare in case both of you are planning to go back to work. Find out the cost of the various services in childcare that are available and try and take decisions together.

Remember you will have little or no time after the baby comes and sometimes even talking to each other becomes difficult and lots of discussions end up in fights. So think of all these questions that need to be resolved to ease your lie before the baby comes. Do not wait till the last days before your delivery start talking and making plans instead.