Important Points to Know Before Buying a Diaper Changing Table

All new-born babies go through multiple diaper change sessions, right from the time they are born till they are about two years of age. Considering that diapering is a messy activity, you will definitely need a convenient place where you can diaper your baby quickly and safely. 

Many parents do not buy a separate diaper changing station instead choose to change diapers in the baby room or on the bed, with a waterproof changing pad for protection against wetting while they are in the process of changing the diaper.

However, diaper changing tables are excellent option for convenient diapering if families can afford it. Consider important points discussed here before you buy a diaper changing table.

When looking for a changing table, remember that it should be sturdy enough to hold your baby. A wobbly, rickety changing table is definitely not suitable for your baby. Also, check to ensure that are no hardware pieces broken or nails jutting out as these may cause of risk of injury to your baby.

The diaper changing table must have protective guardrail around the entire table and must be at least 2 inches high on all sides. Equally important are safety straps as you will need them to secure your baby and minimize any risk of your baby toppling over.

Check if the height of the changing station is convenient for you. You must be able to change diapers with ease without having to lean over or bend. As a general rule, never leave your baby unattended on a diaper changing table even if you have fastened the secure straps.

While selecting a diaper changing table check to see if there is enough storage space to keep all your diaper supplies such diapers, wipes, rash creams, lotions, etc. The storage space provided must be convenient enough for you to quickly reach out and gather the supplies when needed.

At the same time, the storage space provided must be located such that a crawling or walking baby should not be able to reach the diaper supplies.  You can also look to customize the design of a diaper changing station as per your requirements and budget.