Important Tips You Must Follow During Pregnancy

care during pregnancyAny couple who want a child must learn and prepare themselves as much as they can. They should not only seek information about conceiving but, also about when a woman becomes pregnant and, what steps must be taken into consideration during pregnancy. How couple can become responsible parents?

The more a couple understand about the pregnancy the more better they are positioned to face  anything adverse happening during pregnancy. Let’s discuss and understand some very important pregnancy facts. Most of the couples just know about the basic pregnancy facts. Here we will discuss something more than basic pregnancy facts. So here are some pregnancy facts and realities that we are giving, for the benefit of expectant couples, because there always are some questions that remain at the back of their mind, that make them anxious. We will try and remove that anxiousness.

So let us know about some pregnancy facts which are as follows :-Every month there is a 25 percent chance for a normal couple to conceive. Second pregnancy fact is that many couples do not know that there are 5 to 7 days in a month in which a couple have intercourse and as a result woman becomes pregnant. Not every but very few women can actually feel when their ovaries release the eggs.

Fourth pregnancy fact is around about 70 to 80 percrnt normal couples will see that woman conceives with in a year. During pregnancy it is very essential that there is proper intake of folic acid. If a pregnant woman does not have proper intake of folic acid then it is harmful for an unborn baby because it leads to deformities which includes brain or spinal cord defects. When it is a first stage during pregnancy, then woman must keep in mind that she do not take bath in a hot water as it may lead to injury to her baby.

Research shows that if a pregnant woman’s body heat is more during pregnancy in her first 3 months then it may result in some problems or defects in a child. If there is any pet in pregnant woman’s home specially cat then it is very important during pregnancy she does not clean the pets litter pot because it is possible that litter may be containing some parasite which can spread some disease. It may affect the child which includes brain damage and blindness. Having raw and not properly cooked meat also leads to parasite.

A woman who is already overweight before pregnancy is expected to gain 15 to 25 pounds additional weight during pregnancy. But if a woman is underweight before pregnancy then she can expect 28 to 40 pounds addition in her weight during pregnancy. A woman who is healthy can expect 25 to 35 pounds addition in her weight during pregnancy but, if a pregnant woman is going to give birth to more than one baby may be twins, triplets or more then she will expect more weight gain during her pregnancy.

During pregnancy it is very important that pregnant woman must be having proper and sufficient calcium because calcium is vital for the body. Body takes calcium from the bones. If there is no sufficient calcium in the body then it weakens the bones which may lead to osteoporosis. So proper intake of calcium is essential. Pregnancy is always painful. This is a most important thing that every women thinks of it. It is painful because pain is inbuilt to childbirth. But as far as intensity of pain is concerned, it depends woman to woman.

For some women it can be more painful and for some it can be less. Some factors are there which determine the intensity of labor pain in women like women health and her capacity to bear pain.There is a saying that healthy pregnant women give birth to healthy baby. But in every case it is not true because possibility is there that a healthy woman may give birth to unhealthy baby. This happens in the case of premature born baby. Premature delivery happens in those cases where suddenly blood pressure of pregnant women goes up.

During pregnancy all people use to say a women must eat for two i.e. pregnant lady must eat for herself and for the baby. But this is not true. During pregnancy she just need to increase her calories. Another intake of 100 calories should be there every month and these another 100 calories are well sufficient for the baby who is growing inside the womb.

During pregnancy women just keep in mind not to do exercise because it can be harmful for both mummy and baby. But pregnancy fact is this exercise and yoga both are good for mummy and baby. But exercise and yoga which pregnant lady wants to do must be easy and comfortable like swimming is good but exsercise like weight lifting is not at all good. So before doing any exercise pregnant woman must consult her doctor.

Another fact is during pregnancy, pregnant women becomes more sensitive emotionally. This is just because of hormonal changes. During pregnancy hormones always keeps on changing. So pregnant women needs both physical and emotional care. During pregnancy women should not carry heavy weight because pregnant body is already carrying more weight and if pregnant women carries more heavy weight then just because of imbalance she will fall down. Fall for an unborn baby and a pregnant lady may be disastrous. So no need to carry heavy weighted items. During pregnancy it is very important that pregnant women drink a lot of water. Do not go for packed water or botteled water because it could contain contaminated elements. You should only have safe and pure water.

Motherhood is a dream of every women. Every women wants to experience and enjoy this dream of her. During pregnancy stress, tension, emotions, mood swings, etc. are just natural. So there is no reason that you should get worried about these issues as it is a natural process. Pregnant women should just try to learn more and more about pregnancy facts and enjoy their new journey of life from a woman to mother. Pregnancy is a blessing, so cherish it sans anxiety.