Improve Your Child’s Health With Five Best Nutritional Supplements

Improve Your Child’s Health With Five Best Nutritional SupplementsNot a single day passes by when you do not find an article related to the health of working people or kids or old people. Balanced diet is a necessity for everyone but it is most important for growing kids, because they are more exposed to the fast foods and polluted environment than we were at their age.

SO we need to take care of their diet more than any other person. Earlier people used to enjoy homemade food and it used to be nutritious and healthy but these days’ teenagers and kids are more exposed to fast food and packaged food. This is alarming for their health even doctors and dieticians have said that too much of these fast foods and packaged foods are causing diabetes, obesity and heart diseases at very young age.

Kids Health should be priority

Parents are in a mess what kind of food should they give and what should be avoided. It is difficult for them to choose between processed food or organic food, nutritious food or tasty food, home cooked food or fast food. So many choices are available for them and it is difficult for them to calculate the calories and nutritional value of each and every thing they give their kids to eat.

Bad eating habits can have severe effect on the health of the child very early. But for home makers their family and most importantly kids are on the top in their priority list. That is why mainly the women are more worried about what their child is eating and how much nutrition is he getting. The way the food is cooked in Indian homes generally kills most of the nutritional value of the food. Around 70 % of the nutrition is gone after the vegetables are cooked in Indian Kitchen, so it is very tough for them to supply proper nutrition not their children.

Five New Nutritional Supplements

When the need of nutrition is not fulfilled by the food we eat then we move towards nutritional supplements or Health Foods. Dabur, Cadbury, Procter and Gamble etc are the companies which make health drinks or health products like Bournvita, Horlicks, and Complain etc.

But they can just be used with milk, so there has to be something which is able to provide nutrition to them. Then Amway has launched five new products which are Chewable Nutritional Supplements and they are specially made for kids. The new supplements specially made for kids are:

Nutrilite Kids chewable vitamin C
Nutrilite Kids chewable Calcium and Magnesium,
Nutrilite Kids chewable Iron,
Nutralite Kids chewable concentrated fruit and vegetable,
Nutralite Kids chewable multi-vitamin and mineral mixed fruit flavour

All these are available in Nutrilite kid’s drinks form. These supplements are efficient enough to fulfil the need of nutrition in the body of your child.

Importance of Nutrition

Researchers have shown that for complete nutrition another thing which is very important is Phyto nutrients which are found in trees and plants only. These phyto nutrients are available in plants and fruits and vegetables but the pesticide and the chemically treated manure etc. kill all the phyto nutrients present in them.

After this the cooking spoils all the nutritional content of these fruits and vegetables. But now science has found a way to save these phyto nutrients by converting them into a product called nutritional supplement made by Amway which makes Nutrilite, a nutrition and wellness brand. This has something healthy and nutritional for each and every age group.

Big range of Nutrilite

There is a huge range of Nutrilite which fulfils the need of nutrition for the whole family. Nutrilite Daily, Multi vitamin, Multi mineral supplement and many more products have 13 essential vitamins, 11 vital minerals and along with these they also have aserola cherry, parsley, spinach, water cress, alfa alfa and carrot too.

Eating all these nutritional supplements by the people who are not getting enough nutrition through their regular food helps in improving their health and fitness. These supplements help in fulfilling the daily need of vitamins and minerals in our body. These can be had by people, who feel their diet is not well balanced, have unhealthy life style and who eat a lot of processed foods.

Some dietary supplements are very good in fighting diseases which are associated with lifestyle like if there is a family history of heart diseases in the family then for them Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care is the best supplement to  keep their heart healthy and fit. This product controls the lipid level in our body and keeps the blood circulation normal, thus keeping our heart healthy and fine.

Some more nutritional supplements and their benefits

There are many more products as we said there is a while huge range of nutritional supplements which you can choose according to your requirement. There are more products like Protein powder, Salmon Omega-3, Natural B, Iron Folic, Parselenium E, Cal- MAg, Siberian Ginseng, Triple Guard Euchanesia, which are very efficient in providing proteins, minerals, and Essential fatty acids to the body in the required amount.

For kids there are special Nutrilite Kids chewable which are rich in 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. Kids these days are very choosy about what to eat and what not so they are the ones who are in need of the nutrition the most, so for them these nutritional supplements are very good to fulfil the requirement. Nutrilite is the best way to give their body the required dose of essential nutrients in the required amount and it is the best brand which is full of multi minerals, multi vitamins.

It uses organic farming which does not damage the phyto nutrients of the plants and vegetables and the processing and farming techniques used makes them the best in the range of nutritional supplements. That is why the Nutrilite products are best in their range and helps in providing energy, quality and healthy life to the people who use these nutritional supplements. Thus we should also make our kids healthy and energetic with the help of these five best nutritional supplements available in the market.

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