Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving A Boy Or Girl

Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving A Boy Or GirlIf somebody said you could decide the gender of your child, wouldn’t you get excited and listen with your ears open? Yes, research shows that if parents are given methods or are made aware of how to conceive a desired gender, most of them would happily give it a shot.

In many countries like India where pressure is huge on the expecting mother to deliver a baby boy especially having girls in their first issue, is tremendous. These signs or methods are not 100% accurate but definitely does increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl. Before knowing how you could increase your chance of conceiving a boy or girl, one should understand human anatomy.

The gender your baby lays solely rests on the man. He has two types of chromosomes namely the X and Y. X refers to the male characteristics while the Y stands for the female chromosomes with all the female characteristics. Let’s learn about how X and Y differ from each other.

X chromosome is the faster lot, meaning, they travel quickly to reach the egg whereas the Y or the female chromosome is slower in the race. Another important feature is the male chromosome or X has a short duration of longevity while the Y chromosome survives longer compared to the X. Therefore, whoever wins the race in uniting with the egg in the fallopian tube really forms the sex of the baby.

Increase Your Chances Of Conceiving A Boy or Girl

Want to Conceive a Boy?

One of the most important factors that decide the gender of the baby apart from the X and Y chromosome is the ovulation period of the woman. Knowing how to calculate the ovulation date is extremely vital to increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl. For example, if you wish to have a baby boy, firstly you need to calculate when a woman ovulates.

Ovulation is the period where a woman is the most fertile. As mentioned above that the male chromosome or the X travels faster but are short-lived, the couple trying for a boy should have sex on the nearing dates of ovulation.

This has a better chance for the X chromosome to travel faster. Rear sexual position is believed to increase the chances of the X chromosome to quickly travel to the egg as it reduces the distance it has to take to reach the female cervix.

Want a baby girl?

As you have read above, Ovulation date is very important. Calculate the ovulating days correctly and have sex just about 3-4 days before the ovulation starts. This would give the Y chromosome ample time to unite with the egg in the cervix. Please note that these tricks do not guarantee the gender of the baby but definitely increase the chances of conceiving a boy or girl.

How to know when you are ovulating?

The thumb rule in calculating a woman’s ovulation period is to take the 14th day of the cycle as the day when the ovulation starts keeping in mind that the period cycle is for about 28-30 days. But this varies in different women.

Another method to know is to watch the texture of the mucus. If it is thin and slippery, it means you have started to ovulate. Last but not the least, calculate the basal body temperature every day and watch the day where there is a slight increase of half or one degree.

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