Inculcating Good Habits in Children

It is very important to teach children good manners. How they behave at home is how they are going to behave outside. No one likes to be told that their kids are naughty or in disciplined. So start teaching them when they are young.

Your child should learn to sit on the dining table at meal times and eat his meal without getting up in the middle. He should eat without dropping food all around and should also not play with the crockery on the table. He must learn to say please and thank you to visitors.

This will help when you are visiting your friends of are planning on calling people over. Do not allow him to put forks and knives in his mouth. Also tell him that he cannot eat with his hands and wipe his hands on the table and chairs.

Children should be taught that they cannot bang crockery on the table. Lots of children use spoons and forks and make scratches on the table. If you do not stop your child he is going to this at hotel and restaurants as well.

Disciplining your child will help you when you take him out. Also never allow the children to draw on the walls or the ground even in their own house. Tell your child that when he goes for a play date he is not allowed to take any toys back home. He must not cry for them. Even if he does do not give in.

He will understand that crying will not do anything and he will not get what he wants. You must reprimand your child when he behaves badly. If you have taken him shopping he must not touch things in the store and spoil anything. If you are taking your child to a friend’s house make sure he does not do any damage to their property.

If your child is badly behaved; he will not be invited at parties and social gatherings. Explain to him that he not snatch toys from other children; but ask the other child if they can play together and share the toys.