Inculcating Values in Your Child

It has been the most important area of concern for most of the parents as the child grows up. However, it is very important to teach the child the way of looking the world, people and things around them because it is very painful to see our child transform into a rude, irresponsible teenager and then into an adult from a tender, innocent child.

We sometimes get so much engrossed with our daily routine that we hardly pay heed to the Childs need and feel that our hard work will only benefit our child. But what they need today cannot postpone till tomorrow. It is very important to spend time with the child.

A child cannot be hurried upon the development journey, with your concentration and effort the child will slowly develop moral values in them, and look at the world with a very positive attitude.

You should encourage positive emotions in your child when he does something good. Values cannot be taught to the child just by talking about it.

A child having a positive attitude will have a high self esteem, self confidence and courage to face the hardship in life and achieve the desired goal.

Self esteem can be developed by encouraging him with a positive attitude. A child with a positive attitude will fare well in academics and also develop other skills which will lead him to a successful life.

Moral values should be inculcated in a child from the early childhood. A young child knows only a difference between reward and punishment. He understands that if he obeys the rules laid by you he will be rewarded or else punished. You should have patience while inculcating moral values in your child.

As parents you should always be careful before making any kind of remarks. It is important for you to give positive feedback about the child in front of others to avoid embarrassment to the child.

geeta krishnan