Inducing Burping in Babies

Burping is a reflex that expels gas from the stomach through the mouth. Babies often burp to expel excess gas form their stomach which has been swallowed during feeding. However, some babies find it not so easy to burp on their own.

This may cause excessive gas build up leading to vomiting, gassiness, and crankiness. This is why it is necessary to induce burping in babies to let out the gas trapped inside their tummies.

Babies that are breastfed are less prone to excessive gas build up and hence require less burping action. In comparison, if you are bottlefeeding your baby, then she has to burp more. This is because less air is swallowed during breastfeeding than during bottlefeeding.

If a baby is breastfed, she has more control and power over the suckling action. As such, she takes in less air. When bottlefed, your baby may find it difficult to coordinate the breathing and swallowing process. As a result she takes in more air, which leads to gas build up inside her little tummy.

When is inducing burping in babies required? Breastfed babies normally require less burping. Nevertheless if your baby does not burp during breastfeeding, you can induce burping once during the nursing process. If bottlefed babies do not burp after ten minutes of feeding, you can induce burping.

Now, let focus on some burping techniques which can help in inducing burping in babies. Generally, a gentle pat on the baby’s back and applying slight pressure on her tummy can induce burping. Nevertheless, let’s briefly discuss these baby burping techniques. Baby massage is quite helpful in releasing the excessive gas trapped inside the baby’s stomach.

Applying gentle pressure on the baby tummy and back will help in letting out the gas. Also, bend your baby’s knees gently toward her chest. Let your baby remain in this position for some time, and then help her return to the original position.

This technique can induce burping and the baby may also release the excess gas through her alimentary canal. Another technique is to hold the baby with her tummy facing you while you slightly pat her back. Also, a breastfeeding mother can prevent excess air from entering her baby by breastfeeding the baby at a slightly inclined position.