Inducing Labor during Delivery

Usually doctors do not prefer to go for inducing the labor during delivery. But sometimes it becomes necessary to fasten the labor process so that the mother and baby both can be on the safe side.

Inducing labor means you are going to have more contractions and this way your baby is going to be delivered within few hours. Normally, your obstetrician will decide for labor induction, when your water has already broken or you have passed more than 2 weeks of your due date for delivery or you have high-risk pregnancy.

But inducing the labor at an early stage might cause serious accidents. That is why, doctors wait to take decision till there is no other way out.

For inducing the labor, the most common process is to break the water. The doctor will use a needle or hook to rupture the membrane of the amniotic sack through your vaginal way. You will feel a gush of water getting out from your uterus and this will accelerate the delivery process mostly within an hour or so.

Some time your doctor may strip off the membrane between the amniotic sac and the uterus wall. To do this, he has to insert the finger through the cervix to separate the membrane. Due to this stripping off, the body will start to release prostaglandin hormone, which might ignite the contraction process.

Prostaglandin hormone may even be administered from outside to induce the labor process. This can be done either by inserting a gel or insert into the vaginal canal or can be administered orally as a medicine. It will take several hours to prepare the cervix to dilate properly for delivery.

Another useful process of labor induction is by administering the hormone oxytocin, by using the IV channel. Initially a mild dose of oxytocin is administered but as the labor progresses the dose is also increased under medical guidance. This hormone actually helps to stimulate the contraction process and produces quick results.

However, all these procedures might fail to induce the labor for some women. In that situation, your obstetrician probably will have no other way out than deciding on a c-section.