Infant Eczema

Infant eczema is a skin disorder or dermatitis which results in inflammation or redness on the skin.This can occur in almost any part of the body like scalp, face, diaper area, back etc.Few symptoms of eczema in babies are itchy, dry, flaky, red skin.

A number of factors can cause eczema in infants like unhygienic conditions, allergy to something etc.Most cases of eczema in babies disappear with age but some unlucky ones bear it for the rest of their life.So eczema should not be left untreated and steps should be taken to cure it as early as possible.

Moreover if you do not treat it, your baby will be extremely uncomfortable because of immense itching and would not be happy.If your baby is not happy then obviously even you would not be happy. Certain studies have also stated that eczema affected babies are prone to other allergic ailments like asthma etc.

So it is very important that you get your baby treated for eczema to prevent further complications. The first and foremost thing to do is to get your baby checked by a skin specialist.Your doctor will check your baby for eczema and prescribe appropriate medicine for your infant’s condition.

Apart from the medicines prescribed by your doctor, you as parents will have to ensure that you do the necessary to keep your baby comfortable.It is very important that you keep your infant in clean and hygienic environment so that your baby’s condition does not worsen.

Bathe your baby every alternate day using a mild baby soap in lukewarm water.Ensure that you do not expose the baby to too much water as that might dry your baby’s skin further.Dry your baby using a neat towel as soon as you finish the bath.

Apply over the counter moisturizer and creme to your baby’s body.Ensure that your baby’s skin is moisturized all the time.Applying Aloe Vere based products also helps in curing eczema.Always keep your infant’s nails trimmed so that even if it tries to itch its skin, it does not harm itself.

Apply a baby powder on areas like at back of the neck, at joints, etc. which are likely to get moist and dirty.So the mantra to deal with infant eczema is to keep your baby’s body moisturized and certain areas clean and dry.