Infertility Test: Why You Need More than One Infertility Test

Infertility has become a big issue with the count of infertile couples increasing sharply. Infertility is a medical condition wherein the subject is unable to produce an offspring. Infertility is a grave issue in both men and women. It is not hard to understand the feelings of women who in spite of trying for months or years cannot get conceived.

Infertility can also have a negative spiral effect. It causes stress and tensions in couples and can also rock a relationship. If you are not able to conceive after trying to do so for at least one year, then you must seek medical intervention. Something must be wrong with you or your partner which is making it difficult for you to conceive.

What is the exact cause of infertility can be found out after going through a series of medical tests. But why is there a need for series of such tests? Is not a single infertility test enough to establish the causes of infertility? Well, there may be not one but multiple factors which is making you infertile. And as such, no single test will can detect all the factors causing infertility.

This is exactly why you are required to undergo a series of tests to determine what factor or factors are responsible for your infertility. Correct diagnosis is the key to a successful infertility treatment. Even if you have been treated for one particular cause of infertility, other factors may play spoilsport.

So what exactly can you expect during your visits to a fertility doctor. At your first visit, the doctor may advise you a preliminary round of checkups which includes physical checkup and blood and urine tests. It is followed by other tests which include ultrasound, laparoscopy, and endometrial biopsy.

Only after these tests reports arrive, your doctor will be able to correctly diagnose your problem and recommend the right treatment for your problem or problems. Further during the course of treatment, you may require to undergo other tests as well to find out the progress of the treatment.

As such, no single test can effectively diagnose your problem comprehensively. Now that you a brief idea on infertility tests, you can follow up with your doctor in a more intelligent manner.