Influence of Television on Children

Invention of television had a great impact in our daily life. It brought the whole world into our houses. There is no doubt that television has its own advantages but it’s over viewing has out ruled its positive aspects. It is termed as “Idiot Box” at many places because of more of its negative effects. And children have become its major prey.

Children are the future citizens of tomorrow .They need to grow properly. However, increased viewing of TV has lead them to lead a very lazy lifestyle. They are glued to TV, during majority of the time when they are at home. This reduces their physical activity and thus makes them obese.They lack in doing exercises, playing with friends, outdoor or indoor games. Thus they are physically weak and there is no proper physical growth.

Generally, kids have the habit of eating food while watching TV. They are so much engrossed while watching TV that they generally tend to over eat .Also, the advertisements influence them to buy and eat chips and other junk food. These habits accumulate extra calories  and fat in them and slowly make them obese.

In addition, in this fast moving life, there is very less time for family and friends and over viewing of TV has further lead to decrease in interactions between the family members . This affects the family bonding like emotional bonding. These further acts as a hindrance in developing communicative skill of children which is a very important asset of every individual. Because of no proper communication they suffer academically as well and thus slowly develop low confidence and low self-esteem.

There is loss of time while watching TV and so there is no activity, creativity and hence analytical ability of kids is also hampered. Kids mind are diverted because of too much viewing and hence their interest in studies suffers.

They can develop wrong habits and risky behavior from certain programmes. They may try to depict their role models  without knowing the consequences.  Thus, unregulated and overuse of TV has negative impact on children development. However, moderation of TV can act as a good educator and informative source of knowledge and entertainment.

Raka Raghuvanshi