Initial Three Months Of Pregnancy: Changes And Care

Soon after urine test we discover the pregnancy and immediately follow the advices given by doctor. Some routine tests such as diabetes, Rh factor, hemophilia etc should be done in initial three months. 

However we all have different body and system; hence every woman faces different changes during pregnancy. Initial three months lay the foundation of healthy fetus, hence extra care is required.

Morning sickness and Food

In first three months of pregnancy hormonal level increases which results in nausea, morning sickness and vomiting, but this situation lingers till the end of third or fourth month and slowly subsides.  Due to morning sickness the blood sugar level tends to drop down anytime.

Hence it is strictly recommended to eat snacks, drink milk or juice within fifteen minute of waking up. Empty stomach augment the sickness and nausea shall prolonged day long.  Lunch should be parted and taken after every three hour interval, cereals, rice, potatoes and whole meal bread must be included in lunch.

In order to avoid the dehydration which can be very harmful to baby, intake of Juice, health drinks composed with vitamins and folic acid must be taken after every one hour interval.

Breakson hicks’ contractions

Nearby sixth week, some females tend to feel stretch around uterus. However this painless stretching sensation is quite normal. Actually the body is naturally preparing itself for delivery which in doctorate term knows as “breakson hicks’ contractions”. Infact some of the females feel such contractions during the sixth or seventh month.

Remain active by exercising

When you feel that you have now adjusted with pregnancy state and changing symptoms in your body, adopt the light exercise in your routine.  First three months exercise should be very mild and with proceeding time you can increase the intensity on the doctor’s or expert’s recommendation.

Without giving much pressure on your knees and joints, waking is best cardiovascular exercise. Especially when you were not physically active before conceiving you should start the brisk waking only for twenty to thirty minutes in initial three months. After a month you can bring the other exercise postures in routine such as Kigal Posture, where you’re fallopian, urine tube and uterus supporting muscles have been stretched and toned.

Also this exercise increases the blood circulation around vagina and makes it active for smooth delivery. In very simple manner you have to tighten the pelvic muscles, as you do while halting the urine, after counting till four relax in normal condition. Repeat the procedure about ten times and do about three times a day while watching Television or even in office.