Inspire Your Child to Become an Avid Reader

Teaching your child to read books and training them to become an avid reader – are not the same task to do. Your child will automatically learn to read books with your help and with the help of her teachers. But, it is only you who can make your child interested in books and nobody else.

Books can only be the real friends by guiding your child towards the right direction and showing the many ways of life and livelihoods.

To make your child a book lover, first and foremost requirement is that you have to be a book lover too. If you do not love books or you do not have the habit of reading books, then you cannot teach your child to do so. When you are an avid reader, most of your free time will be spent in reading books.

Your child will see you to read books at your free times and now she will also want to know, what is written on that book? You should grab this opportunity to read out short stories and poems to her.

She is definitely going to be entertained with this and if you keep on doing this for few days, next time she will bring the book and ask you to read.

According to the experts, reading books to your child should be started from the time she was in your womb till she grows up to the middle school. In fact, you may not need to wait so long, as your child could turn to be an avid reader as soon as she grows interests in books.

When she learns to read a book, you should help her to read new books almost every day. Give her plenty of books, so that she can go through different types of stories. If you can make a small library at home, then that will be just perfect.

Buy books with beautiful pictures and sensitive stories. You may also ask your friends or family members to present only books to your child, whenever they get some gift for her. Initially, your child may lose her concentration to go through the complete book. In this situation, you can either read out the remaining part for her or can ask her to read along with you.