Interesting Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

paper plate crafts ideas for kidsEvery child loves craft. Some kids are very talented and can come up with amazing ideas themselves; some kids need a little encouragement and an idea to start with. The encouragement and ideas can come from you. Craft is an interesting way of keeping your child occupied.

If you want you can purchase craft material or use material available at home. Take a look at craft made out of paper plates that are available at home.

A Paper Plate Cow Hanger

The material required to make this craft piece is 1 dinner sized paper plate and one desert size paper plate, peach and black construction paper, glue, a paper punch or scissors, a black pipe cleaner, a black marker, a pencil, a ribbon and a small bell. Now glue the small plate to the big plate in a way that it is about ½ an inch from the big plate.

Cut cow spots from the black construction paper and stick them on the big plate to make the cows body. Take the pink construction paper to cut it into an oval shape in the width of the small paper plate. Now for the ears of the cow take double the measurement of your index finger and cut two pieces out of it. Make cow horns out of black construction paper by cutting the paper into 2”x2” square, fold the square into half diagonally and then cut it.

Use the glue to glue the parts of the cow and with the black marker draw, the eyes, the nostrils and the mouth of the cow. Make a hole into the dinner size paper plate and tie the thread pipe cleaner to it.

A Montage Turtle

To make this turtle you need, a paper plate, brown paint, a green construction paper, a black marker, pebbles, glue, scissors and a pencil. You need to start with painting the paper plate brown. Use a coffee mug to cut out two circles and then cut these circles into half for the legs of the turtle.

Cut out the head and the tail of the turtle. Once the paint dries up, stick the legs, the head, and the tail of the turtle. Decorate the turtle shell buy gluing the pebbles to it.

A Rainbow Out Of Paper Plate

To make this craft piece you will need a paper plate, pain and brush, glue, scissors and cotton balls. Start with cutting the paper plate into half and then cut out a small semi circle from its center. Any colors can be used on the rainbow to bring out your imagination.

However if you want typical rainbow colors your need to color the paper red, orange, yellow, green, blue and then purple. After the paints dry, glue the cotton balls to complete your craft.

Paper plates usually have plastic finish in front; hence you need to use the back of the plate for your craft. You can make a variety of craft pieces with these left over paper plates and a little creativity.

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Sanika N