Interesting Preschool Games For Toddlers

There are many ways to keep your toddler engaged. The best is to spend quality time playing Toddler games with them to strengthen the bond which has to be done at a very early stage.

Bond that has been made at a very young age is very strong and it is harder to break. Keep in mind that any toddler game that you choose should be educational that keeps the child’s mind active and induces physical activity. We have listed few games that can strengthen the bond between you and your toddler and stimulate his brain.

Seeking game is the game play that can be made educational. It is very simple and does not require too much effort and can be made as a group play with the toddler’s peer group. All that you have to do is to make a list of specific things that can be found in a park and allow the toddlers to run around to find these things.

This stimulates the mind, encourages physical activity and creates an opportunity for the child to socialize with his peers. Spot the difference is another interesting game that involves the dexterity of the mind. There are many books that come with this type of game specifically created for toddlers.

Or you can make your own puzzle of things that will interest the child. There are television shows that conduct these puzzles and you can give a treat if the child points some difference. Collage is another interactive game which requires parental supervision as they could harm themselves with a scissors. This creates a time for you to spend with your child.

It opens out new areas of creativity in your child which can be preserved as they turn out to be memorabilia of the years when your toddler grew up to be an adult. These toddler games stimulate the child and are a lot of fun.

It makes you understand the complexity of the mind of a growing child and get immense pleasure and joy out of these activities. Toddler games are only unto the grade level of two. So plan the games before hand so that you get more time to play with them.


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