Introducing Your baby To Solid Food

Once your baby is about 4 months old you can slowly introduce him to semi solid or solid foods, the transitions from breast milk and juices to mashed fruits or cereal should be slow and careful.

Your baby digestive system has to slowly get accustomed to the new texture of food and this is the best time you can introduce new tastes to your baby’s palate. Start with mushy foods once or twice a day and slowly increase the quantity to three of four times a day.

Start your child with rice cereals , cook it and mash it into soupy consistency. Let him get used to the texture and the new taste and as he gets used to it slowly thicken the consistency. Do not  mix any fruit or vegetables or pulses in the rice porridge at first, mixing the food initially itself will confuse your baby’s tummy.Once your baby gets used to the rice cereal, introduce vegetables.

Start with vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes, that will be light in his tummy, give him a new veggie everyday and do not mix two or three vegetables. As usual he has to get used to the taste and texture of a vegetable and his body has to get used to digesting them.Cook the vegetable well and mash them before giving it to your baby. Only once he has got used to havign vegetables should you introduce fruits in his diet, bananas are best first choice, sweet and healthy they are the best fruit to introduce fruits to your baby. You can also give them mashed peaches or pears, the citrus fruits can wait.

Introducing solids to your baby can be a fun experience for both the parents and child, you’ll know what your child prefers and likes. At first, give them only one type of food at  time and then slowly introduce new tastes and textures so that your child has something new to discover in every meal. Do not reduce the fluid content in your child’s diet, this will help in digesting the food. You’ll also be able to figure out which type of food is your baby allergic to and take necessary precautions from the doctor.

Remember to accustom your baby to a high chair and a bib from an young age itself, talk to him (her) during feed time. As your child grows older you may slowly introduce egg yolk and also start giving him blends of vegetables and rice. You can then slowly introduce minced meat and other solid food onc your child gets accustomed to tasting and digesting solid food.

Meera M.Das