Involution, and Why It is Necessary

When you are pregnant, the uterus grows and expands to accommodate the growing baby within it. The uterus is perhaps the most elastic organ of the body. It pushes all the other organs aside to be able to create enough space for itself and the baby.

Once you have delivered the baby, the uterus will not go back to its original state immediately. It will take at least forty days before it has returned to it’s original state. The uterus has not only to go back and descend to its place, but also to get back to it’s original shape. This process is known as involution.

The process of involution is helped greatly by the release of a hormone which is released as you breast feed the baby. Hence breast feeding is very important to help you get back to your pre-pregnancy state. You must keep at it diligently. While involution occurs, you are likely to feel some cramps in the stomach.

You should know about this and be prepared as it will make it easier for you to handle the pain. You must also not give up feeding the baby at this time. Although this may be painful, you must stick with it for the long term gain.

You will be required to go to the gynaecologist after forty days. This is so that they are able to check you and make sure that the uterus has gone back to it’s original place and shape. This is very important, as steps need to be taken to correct this. Sometimes, you will find that the uterus has not descended, but is still high up in the abdomen.

There are also cases where the uterus gets inverted while it is returning to its former shape and place. This must be monitored and identified correctly. You should, hence, not miss the appointment with your doctor after two months of delivery.

To aid the uterus in getting back to its real state, it is beneficial to lie down on the belly. This helps push and propel the uterus to its shape, and location. This is possible immediately if you have had a normal delivery, or after two weeks if you have had a C section.

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