Iron Needs For A Healthy Pregnancy

Having an iron rich diet during the time of your pregnancy is very important. Iron is very much required for a healthy pregnancy.During pregnancy the volume of blood in your body increases by 50 percent. Iron is required to make hemoglobin which is an important component of the red blood cells.

Iron is also required for the normal growth of the baby and placenta. It is also seen to improve resistance to stress and infections.

Iron deficiency during pregnancy can cause anemia, fatigue, premature birth and even fetal death. The babies born will have a low birth weight. If you are anemic while you are pregnant, you increase your chances of your baby becoming anemic during the later stages of his infancy.

Iron deficiency is seen to put a strain on the maternal heart and sometimes may even lead to heavy bleeding during delivery.

Have a diet comprising of iron rich foods like lean beef, fish and poultry products. Pregnant women who do not take animal products can resort to legumes, lentils and grains. They can have foods like peaches, raisins, potatoes and peas for the daily dosage of iron.

Also have foods which improve your ability to absorb iron. Vitamin C improves body’s ability to absorb iron. You can also improve your iron absorption by combining iron rich foods with foods containing mailc acid like plums and apples. Do not have tea and coffee as they reduce iron absorption.

The daily requirement of iron for a pregnant woman is almost double than that of a non pregnant adult female. Many women are anemic even before conception .Iron supplements are usually prescribed by doctors for pregnant women.

Having iron supplements might cause the conditions of nausea, morning sickness and darkening of stools. Your doctor may lower the dose of your iron supplements or suggest postponing the intake iron supplements till the second trimester, when the incidence of morning sickness decreases. If so, make up for the iron deficiency through your diet.

Do not have more than the required dosage of iron as it may lead to dry stools and constipation. Having too much of iron can also lead to conditions like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

The requirement of iron in your diet is not limited to your pregnancy days. Always have a balanced diet to have a happy and healthy life.