Is Dieting the Right Weight Loss Method Post Delivery? Find Out

So, you have just delivered a baby and there is an air of excitement, pleasure, and satisfactions all over. But when the initial mixed bags of emotions of being a new mother to an angelic baby settle down, mundane emotions begin to creep in.

You now have to face the certain realities. Apart from having to cope up with post-partum recovery process and the challenges of being a mom, you may also regret at how your body looks post pregnancy.

You have put on pounds of weight over the past eight months or so and those pre-pregnancy jeans no longer fit you. It is quite natural for you to try and regain your much desired figure.

And in doing so, many women put themselves on certain diets such as Atkins diet, which is a low-carbohydrate diet. Well, dieting as a method of weight loss after delivery is not the ideal way to lose weight for new moms, and strictly not recommended if you are breastfeeding your baby.

The basic reason for not to resort to dieting after delivery is because any form of weight loss diet denies your body from receiving certain nutrients in the required quantity.

And you need all kinds of essential nutrients in the right proportion during this phase. You have not recovered from the physical stress suffered during labor and birthing and many physical and hormonal changes are being taking place during this phase. As such, you cannot afford starving yourself and delay the post-partum recovery process.

But this also does not mean that you are completely helpless and should wait for a better time to start a weight loss program. Here is the good news for you! One of the least known facts is that breastfeeding is one good way of shedding those extra pounds post delivery.

The relation between breastfeeding and weight loss has been documented and well known in the medical community. Now this is another reason why you should breastfeed your infant. Just by breastfeeding, you may be burning up to a pound every week!

Also, you can initiate a light exercise schedule which may include walking, strength training, stretching etc.