Is It Common To Have Period Pains When Pregnant

Is It Common To Have Period Pains When PregnantEarly pregnancy is a very difficult and important phase for every mother to be. It is during this time that more care has to be taken as the pregnancy has chances of getting aborted even with simple things.

Many women experience pains similar to menstrual pains during this time. This can be very distressing as most expectant mothers panic at the slightest pain or unnatural symptom. Abdominal pains during the early pregnancy are very common. However, one needs to be vigilant enough to identify what is normal and what is abnormal. Here are some things that can cause abdominal cramps similar to that of menstrual periods during pregnancy.

Cramps At The Time Of Implantation

Once the egg gets fertilised in your body, they make their way into the uterus. During this time, many women feel a certain pain that can be termed as similar to that of menstrual pains. However, during this time, most of them do not know that they are pregnant and hence do not understand or bother about such a pain, dismissing it as indigestion. This pain is caused by the embryo getting implanted in the uterine lining, making you pregnant.

Abdominal Cramps Due To Stretching

Once your status as ’very pregnant’ is confirmed, the uterus now starts preparing itself for growth and pregnancy. This will involve a certain amount of stretching of the uterus in order to accommodate the foetus that is growing inside the womb. During this process, women may feel pains that are similar to abdominal cramps. These pains may not be very severe and will be bearable. Anything more than what is bearable must be noted and reported once you know that you are pregnant.

Spotting During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience spotting. If you are still unaware that you are pregnant, spotting can be mistaken as menstruation. There could also be mild cramps associated with spotting. Spotting is normal during pregnancy. However, continuous spotting or bleeding along with abdominal pain may be the sign of a miscarriage and must be immediately reported.


Sometimes cysts are formed during pregnancy that can cause pain and discomfort. Corpus luteum, which is a kind of cyst formation at the site where the egg was released, prevents the release of progesterone until the time when the embryo is implanted in the womb. This cyst can be painful and can cause a lot of discomfort in women.


Urinary infections and other vaginal infections are very common during pregnancy. A urinary tract infection can cause abdominal cramps followed by fever, chills and nausea and can also cause a lot of burning and discomfort in the vaginal region. This must be treated with antibiotics until the infection is completely taken care of.

Severe cramping during any time in your pregnancy is not a natural phenomenon. It can be due to several reasons and must not be ignored in any case. Seek a doctor’s attention if you experience severe pain and bleeding during pregnancy. It could be the result of a complication like a miscarriage or premature labour in the later stages of pregnancy.


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