Is It Okay to Breastfeed During Pregnancy? Find Out the Facts

For long it was believed that breastfeeding during pregnancy was unhealthy as it takes away essential nutrients from your body and as such, the baby developing inside your womb does not get the required amount of nutrients. Many pregnant women shy away form breastfeeding their toddles due to this misconception.

Now, it has been proved by scientific studies that breastfeeding during pregnancy does not cause any potential risk to the healthy development of the unborn baby. Notwithstanding these glaring facts, most women still feel reluctant to continue breastfeeding after they become pregnant once again. The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented. The benefits of extended breastfeeding are also well known. Your physician or a lactation expert will tell you more about it.

One thing you should know if you decide to go the breastfeeding way during pregnancy is to keep yourself fit and healthy. This is because you are now feeding two lives – your toddler and the unborn one inside you. This action can easily exhaust your body and drain your energy level. And as you know from your past pregnancy experience that rest and relaxation is a must for enjoying a healthy pregnancy.

So you must get adequate rest and enough sleep to keep yourself healthy and stress-free. Additionally, taking up a light exercise regimen will keep you fit and raise your overall health condition. If you can stay fit and healthy all through your pregnancy, there is definitely no harm in breastfeeding.

If you choose to stop breastfeeding during pregnancy, your decision should be backed by genuine reasons. One such reason may be development of mastitis, an inflammation of the breast. Also, if your milk ducts are getting dry, it is time to quit breastfeeding. If your toddler has started biting your nipples, it is an indication that you not producing enough milk.

Also, you can reduce the frequency of breastfeeding once you have become pregnant again. This is because once you give birth you will start breastfeeding the newborn instead of the toddler, who will find it difficult to adjust to a sudden and an abrupt end to breastfeeding. So, it will be a good idea to gradually reduce the frequency of breastfeeding.