Is It Okay To Consume Salty Foods During Pregnancy? Find Out

So your test has confirms your pregnancy and you are quite excited at the prospect of becoming a mother. Now you want to give your unborn baby the best of things

The good health and well being of your baby solely depend on how ideal your lifestyle and food habits are. Now you may want to consult a dietician so that you get to know what foods to eat when pregnant and what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Well, a well balanced pregnancy is always on the card. However, one of the less discussed facts about pregnancy diet is whether it is okay to consume salty foods by a pregnant woman. This question is even more pertinent since many women experience a carving for salty foods during pregnancy. So is salt good or bad for pregnant women? Let’s discuss.

For long salty foods were listed under foods to be avoided during pregnancy. However in recent years, and after years of researches, the “to be avoided” tag has been lifted and salty foods are in fact considered healthy foods for a pregnant woman.

The medical community is no longer adverse to salty foods. Salt consumption is known to reduce bloating and also increases energy levels in the body as well as improves the general comfort in a pregnant woman. But this does not warrant a fest of salty foods.

Even if you have a peculiar carving for salty foods, some restrain should be exercised and you should be careful in choosing the type of salt and the type of salty foods you consume. Salty foods that are fried such as French fries should be avoided. Also processed and fatty foods are best avoided. On the other hand salt scattered home cooked vegetables and lean meat are encouraged.

Again, coming to types of salts, you are encouraged to consume sea salt rather than regular salt. This is because sea salt is less processed and healthier than regular salt. The process of salt processing uses several toxic chemicals and traces of these chemicals do remain when the final product comes out.

Again, during the purification process certain mineral nutrients are lost from the salt. As such, you are required to decide on the right selection of salty foods and type of salt.