Is It Possible to Predict Labor? Know the Facts

So you have been pregnant for the past many months and your due date is nearing. Now you be eager to know if it is possible to predict labor. Well, it is quite a tough job to exactly predict labor.

No one can say for sure that you will go into labor on a particular day. However, there are certain tell tale signs of labor which can signal you to prepare for an impending labor.

This means though it is not possible to predict labor one can read certain signs and make preparations in advance for labor and delivery. So what are the pointers or signs of an impending labor?

These are briefly discussed below.

The first pointer of labor is “baby drop.” This is when the position of your baby shifts and you feel a sudden heaviness in your pelvic region. The shift in position also results in taking off some pressure from your rib cage and hence you will feel easier to breathe.

Baby drops may occur weeks or days before your labor. Another sign of labor is contractions of the muscles of the uterus which is known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. Such contractions occur throughout a pregnancy process but intensify when your due date nears. It is also often referred to as false labor pains.

As you near your labor, you will begin to pass mucus plug, which is layer sealing the opening of the cervical canal. When you begin to discharge the mucus plug, you can be sure that you labor is quite near. The discharge may spread across several days or may occur at one shot. Its color may be red, brown, or pink. You can even note the color of discharge and also the nature of discuss and discuss them with your doctor or midwife.

The strongest sign of labor however is when the water breaks. When it happens, it is followed by contractions. Again the water may trickle down or comes out with a gush. If it trickles down then you may place a sanitary napkin inside your underwear and see if it get soaked within an hour. If it does, then it is time to get prepared for the hospital.