Is It Safe To Color Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Most women are significantly concerned about their beauty. Hence when they become pregnant, they want to continue their all beauty regime. Some women color their hair on a regular basis.
Hence they want to know whether it is safe to color their hair during pregnancy or not. If you too are worried about coloring your hair during your pregnancy then read on this article. It will help you to decide whether you should color your hair or not while you are pregnant.

There have been limited studies conducted on the safety of the hair color during pregnancy. A study conducted in 2005, revealed that there is a link between the childhood cancer and hair dye used during pregnancy.

But most researchers do not agree with the conclusion reached by this study. They say that it is doubtful that hair products used during pregnancy would raise the risk of brain tumors in the babies.

If you are concerned about your baby’s health, it is always a good option to play it safe. Hence you must generally avoid coloring your hair during pregnancy. Your baby’s key organs form during the first trimester.

You and your baby may be affected adversely if you color your hair during this period. A small amount of hair dye chemicals are absorbed through your scalp and skin. Experts are not sure whether this could harm your baby, but they do not rule out its possibility too. Hence avoid their use especially in the first trimester.

Several changes occur in the expectant mothers during pregnancy. Changes in hair may include additional gray hair and radical changes in hair’s texture. If you still decide to go for hair coloring during your pregnancy, you must take some precautions to minimize the harms caused by it.

You must wear gloves when you apply hair dye. Take the shortest possible time for application of dye and after coloring you should rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly and carefully.

In place of synthetic hair dye, you can also use henna which is regarded safe during pregnancy. ‘Hair mascara’ can also be tried during pregnancy. Mascara is safe because it coats only the outer layer of hair.

Third trimester is relatively safer for hair coloring. But why take the risk? It is better to avoid coloring your hair throughout your pregnancy. Before coloring you must see your health care provider for his/her advice

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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