Is It Safe To Take Allergy Medications During Pregnancy? Find Out

ow that you have become pregnant, it is time you develop a different approach. Whether it is your diet or lifestyle or even the apparels you wear, they will never be the same from those of your pre-pregnancy days. Now you have switch to a pregnancy diet which your nutritionist recommends.

You may also require more rest and sleep and avoid those late night parties and gatherings. Nor is smoking and consumption of alcohol permitted once you are pregnant.

This is because everything you consume has an effect on the little life developing inside. And this is also true of medications. During your pre-pregnancy days you were free to take over-the-counter drugs without consulting a physician.

But now you no longer enjoy this freedom. It is always imperative to consult a physician before taking medication as you never know what type of medication is unsafe for your baby.

Now if you have a history of having allergies, it is more important to consult your doctor or midwife before taking allergy medication during pregnancy including those which you have been taking. If the allergy is mild and symptoms manageable, it is better to try alleviate the symptoms without taking medication. However, if the symptoms are severe, then there is no other option but to take medications. Medications for allergies are of various types and not all of these medications are considered safe for pregnant women.

Here one thing you should know is allergy medications are rated as B Class medication. This means such mediations may be considered safe for use during pregnancy.

There is also the A Class medication which is considered totally safe for use during pregnancy. Then there is the C Class medication for which there is little evidence to conclude whether medications belonging to this category are safe or unsafe.

As such, it cannot be concluded that all types of medications for allergy are safe for use during pregnancy. This is why you should talk to your physician. If you have been receiving allergy shots from your pre-pregnancy days, there is no option but to continue doing the same.

If not, postpone it until further your delivery. The bottom line is managing allergy symptoms without medication during pregnancy is the best option.