Is It Safe To Take Aspirin During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for most women but it is not free form health problems. Pregnancy is often accompanied with minor problems like back pain, headaches, fatigue, nausea, etc.

To alleviate minor problems, pregnant women usually go for over-the-counter drugs without realizing about their possible side effects. The most popular over-the-counter drug is aspirin.

If you are pregnant and are wondering whether, in case of need, you should take aspirin or not, you will reach at a conclusion by reading this article. Different studies have associated aspirin to different pregnancy complications.

If you take aspirin near the time of conception or in early pregnancy, it can increase your chances of miscarriage. Even small doses of aspirin are not absolutely harmless.

In a few cases, experts prescribe a low-dose aspirin therapy for pregnant women. This helps in preventing recurrent miscarriage as well as for treating other conditions. However, aspirin is not normally suggested as a pain reliever during pregnancy.

Some researches reveal that pregnant women who suffer from severe diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, or kidney disease may find low-dose aspirin therapy beneficial. Women who had serious pre-eclampsia in an earlier pregnancy may also benefit from this therapy. But all experts do not have the same opinion regarding this treatment.

If you take aspirin during your pregnancy, particularly after 32 weeks then it can cause significant harm to your baby. There is a chance that your baby’s blood flow might perhaps be rerouted in the uterus which might create fatal troubles for the baby.

This is because production of prostaglandins hormone is blocked by aspirin. And if the level of prostaglandins drops in the newborns, it can cause the circulatory system of the baby to reroute the flow of blood to the lungs. This may be hazardous for the baby.

According to some researchers, if you take adult doses of aspirin during your pregnancy, it might adversely affect your baby’s growth and development significantly. It can also lead to an increased risk of a placental abruption.

And if you take full-dose of aspirin in your later period of pregnancy, it can delay your labor and lead to bleeding complications for you as well as your baby. Perhaps, it may also increase the risk of heart and associated lung problems in your newly born child.

Hence you should avoid taking aspirin during your pregnancy without your doctor’s permission

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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