Is Miscarriage Prevention Possible? Know The Facts

Miscarriage is the perhaps the last thing on a pregnant woman’s mind. Miscarriage can have devastating effects physically, biologically, and mentally. It is quite unfortunate that the cases of miscarriage are increasing. But is it possible to prevent miscarriage? Can you stop miscarriage? There are many causes of miscarriage or factors contributing to it.

Miscarriage can also be inherited. If genetic factors are responsible for the miscarriage, there is nothing one can do to prevent or stop miscarriage. However in cases where your genes are not at fault, or if there are no clinical explanations, miscarriage can be prevented to a certain extent.

The likelihood of miscarriage also depends on the quality of the sperm and the egg fertilized. If a high quality egg is fertilized by a high quality sperm, the risk of miscarriage is reduced. This is where the health and well-being of couples planning pregnancy comes into the picture. Studies have established that altering lifestyle, sticking to a healthy eating habit, and taking necessary supplements can reduce the prospects of miscarriages.

Lifestyle changes include stopping smoking, drug abuse, and use of alcohol as well as endorsing a light to moderate exercise routine such as swimming or walking. These changes are required not only when you have conceived but you should make amendments months before planning your pregnancy. Doing so enhances the likelihood of getting pregnant quickly and also ensures a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Also, such a change is also necessary with your dietary habit. Sticking to a wholesome diet ensures the optimum quality of both the sperm and the egg. As such, start on such a balanced diet at least three months before planning to get conceived. Such a diet also ensures a low risk pregnancy. And during pregnancy, taking necessary vitamins and mineral supplements can also reduce the risks of miscarriage.

Miscarriage can also happen due to lack of progesterone. Progesterone is a steroid hormone which is responsible for preparing the maintaining the uterus for pregnancy. If this deficiency is detected at an early stage, progesterone supplements can be taken to stop miscarriage. Also, avoid lifting or carrying heavy stuffs once you are pregnant as it can cause complications and even pregnancy termination.