Is Spotting During Early Pregnancy Normal

The first signs of bleeding after you know that you are pregnant can be terrifying for a woman. The first thought that springs to mind is the hideous thought of an early abortion.
However contrary to this notion, early vaginal bleeding or spotting as it is commonly known may not always mean something bad. In fact according to doctors spotting in the first trimester of pregnancy can be perfectly normal.

It is sometimes a sign of pregnancy itself. Known as implantation bleeding, woman may notice slight bleeding when the egg attaches itself to the uterus lining post the fertilization process.

This light bleeding is sometimes accompanied by cramps in the abdominal region. This implantation bleeding is usually seen ten to twelve days after the actual conception and may confuse you into thinking that you may be having your periods.

Sometimes the spotting in early pregnancy can happen when your next periods are due. This can be caused by hormonal changes Unfortunately this does not eliminate the fact that spotting can be caused by abortion as well.

This is especially true if you notice heavy blood clots along with a sharp lower abdominal pain.

These symptoms might also be accompanied by fever. While implantation bleeding is a slight light brown in color, abortion bleeding is heavy. Women have to watch out for this as unfortunately half the women who bleed severally eventually miscarry. These symptoms may also be displayed in case of an ectopic pregnancy.

This is a medical condition that signifies embryo plantation outside the uterus. This can be fatal for the woman and the pregnancy needs to be terminated immediately.

Other conditions that may bring about spotting and even heavy bleeding in the later stages of pregnancy include placental separation from the uterus, conditions like placenta previa or premature labor.

An early opening of the cervix especially in the final trimester of pregnancy can cause bleeding and a late miscarriage as well. In addition to this there are a number of non pregnancy causes of spotting as well.

This can be the signal of your menstrual cycles or be caused by a urinary or bacterial infection. It is important to keep in mind that in case you observe spotting in early pregnancy it is best to contact your doctor for a complete examination.

Parul Solanki