Is Your Baby Refusing to be Breastfed? Find Out Why

Breastfeeding of course has many advantages over bottle feeding. There is no denying the fact that mother’s milk is best for the baby. It not only contains all the essential nutrients and minerals but it also has antibacterial properties. So if you are breastfeeding your newborn, you made quite an intelligent decision. During the course of breastfeeding, some mothers find that their babies have suddenly developed an aversion for breastfeeding.

Your baby just refuses to be breastfed of all a sudden and this leaves you utterly confused and concerned. Some mothers feel that their babies are weaning. But if such “nursing strike” occurs before the baby is 12 months old, there may other reasons why your baby has stopped sucking milk. So it will be worthwhile to find out some possible reasons why babies refused to be breastfed.

Most mothers use pacifiers to meet the sucking needs of the babies. However, an overuse of pacifier may leave the baby uninterested in breast. It may be that the baby is more comfortable with the pacifier as he or she is now adjusted to it. Adjusting to breast may an explanation for refusing to be breastfed.

A change in the breastfeeding schedule may be another reason for nursing strike. During your maternity leave, you may be routinely breastfeeding your baby. However, once you have started going to work, the whole breastfeeding routine gets disturbed. Moreover if you were on a business trip and have been separated form your baby for a longer period, a nursing strike is most likely. Your baby has been bottle-fed all these days and has developed a liking for it. A new found preference for bottle and formula milk means he or she finds it difficult to adjust to breast and the taste of breast milk.

Distraction may be another reason. When your babies grow older and their senses increase, they may be easily distracted during breastfeeding by the happenings around them. Sometimes an odor in the breast may stop the baby from breastfeeding. May be you have used a particular strong smelling soap or a deodorant.

Lastly, a change in the taste of your milk may be a possible reason. Resumption of menstrual cycle or consumption of spicy food may bring about this change in taste.