Is Your Daughter Too Young For Puberty?

As the mother of a little girl you seem to go through your childhood all over again. You try to provide all the security you may not have received when you were small and all the fears and inhibitions you had come rushing back.
There are certain things you need to know while parenting a girl. She may attain puberty between nine to twelve years of age.

Earlier, girls attained puberty even at sixteen but today it appears that it sets in early due to several reasons like parenting stress, strained relationships, hormone content in certain food items etc.

Though the causes are not explicitly known there may be several. But as a parent what are the symptoms of early puberty and how do I handle it.

The average age that a child begins to develop breasts is around eight to nine years and has her periods at the age of twelve years. The first sign of puberty is the developing of breasts or another sign could be public hair…either one appears first.

You will also find that the skin of your daughter may change from soft skin to spotty indicating teenage acne. It is also quite normal that she may have a body odor.

You may find a sudden change in height and she may put weight in the hip area.  Moods vary during puberty so do not get upset if she is moody, is irritable, oversensitive, self conscious and aggressive.

One must be aware that the whole puberty process takes around three years but may vary from person to person. In case your daughter is too young when you see signs of puberty do check with your pediatrician.

It is possible to halt the process and enable the child to grow to her full potential before she gets her first period. Since once she begins to menstruate, studies have proved that she will not grow more than 6 to 7 cms and she may be prone to anxiety, depression, breast cancer etc at an older age.

Anyway do not let her feel embarrassed. Make her feel wanted and special and do not let insecurity creep in about her weight. Do not delay in buying a bra if she needs one just because she is too young.  She is still your little girl do not expect her to mature overnight.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.