Is Your Man Fertile

Not conceiving is not necessarily always the woman’s fault. Sometimes the problem may be with the man and not the woman.  So if there seems to be a problem both partners need to get checked. Men’s problems can be due to smoking. If you are a heavy smoker you will have less sperm and also will affect your partners fertility through passive smoking.

It is better to give it up if you are facing problems in conceiving. Another factor could be heat. When you are having intercourse make sure that you do not have a hot bath or soak in a hot tub before that as it affects the sperms.

Keep the area as cool as possible. Wearing tight under wears and clothes does not in any way affect the sperm count. If you go cycling regularly take care to see that the testes are well protected and there is no pressure affecting the area due to cycling. For some men the problem could be where they work.

Working in places where they are dealing with chemicals and radiation will also affect a man’s fertility. Men should also see to their diet and eat be that are full of vitamin C and zinc. If necessary you can take supplements in the form of multivitamins.

If you are taking drugs then it is surely going to affect your fertility. Inform your doctor if you have either taken steroids in the past or consume a lot of alcohol as all this causes problems not only in trying to conceive but also may cause some health issues for the baby.

Not being able to hold an erection is yet another problem that is faced by men. This is mainly if you are stressed or tense. Try to be relaxed and go through the process of intercourse slowly. If nothing works you will need to visit the doctor and get yourself examined and they will provide you with the necessary medication for you to conceive naturally.

All these problems can be overcome with proper care and guidance and you will in time be able to get pregnant.