Keep A Track On Your Ovulation

Your partner and you have decided to bring a baby into your lives and you want to do your best to conceive healthily and have a healthy pregnancy. For knowing which is the best time to try, you should know the dates of your ovulation.

Menstrual cycle of a woman is between 28-32 days, counting the days from the first day of the menstrual cycle till the next menstrual cycle. A woman is mostly highly fertile during this period and this is the best time to try to conceive. The ovulation cycle varies from woman to woman and it is important for them to keep a track of it.

The ovulation cycle varies from one woman to another and is divided into two phases – follicular phase , that starts on the first day of the periods and lasts until the ovulation and phase 2 is the luteal phase and enables a precise calculation and timeline. This phase is usually for 12-16 days from the day of the ovulation.

There are Ovulation Prediction Kits available in the market that will help you keep track on the best days to get pregnant. This test is usually done close to the date of ovulation, on a 28 day cycle the test maybe done on the 11th day of the cycle.

You can also track the basal body temperature to find out the best time to get pregnant.This method is most popular and most commonly used by ladies around the world to determine the best time to get pregnant. A woman trying to get pregnant keeps a track of her basal body temperature daily, an increase in the temperature indicates that the ovulation period has started.

Around 12 days after a monthly cycle a woman’s body produces a hormone called Estrogen, this is very active and assists the ovaries to produce eggs. After this the body produces Progesterone that is warm and thus helps increase the basal body temperature by about 1 – 1.8 degrees, indicating  that the woman has just ovulated.

A woman may take time to get accustomed to maintaining a chart and keep a track on the ovulation date. Though it may seem confusing at first it gets easier to monitor as the time passes by. Visit your gynaecologist and take their help in keeping a track of the best times to try to try and conceive.She’ll give you valuable advises and tips as on when to try and hopefully ensure that you get pregnant as soon as possible.

Meera M.Das