Keeping Up With Your Growing Child

The infant stage is one of the easiest to deal with. Your child will only demand attention when hungry or sleepy. He is relative immobile and can only move around his arms and legs. As children start to get about, the demands they make on the parent is much greater.

You must be much more careful as your child starts getting more mobile. You should be careful about where he goes and places that he can access. Constant supervision till the child is older is very crucial.
While the child starts to get about on hands and legs, they are much more prone to infections. Since they touch and explore everything that is around them, they tend to get to dirty places faster, and also put many more things in their mouth. Not only should you be paying more attention to keeping the house clean, it is also necessary to keep the hands of the baby clean. Wash them more often using mild soap. You can also try using wet wipes or sanitizer.

As your child goes through different growth phases like crawling, standing and walking, he will experiment with things around. As he begins to stand, he will catch whatever is within his reach to hold onto for support while he stands. Keep all lighter objects and breakable items out of reach. Make sure that all furniture around you is childproof and has no sharp edges.

Those who live in houses with more than one floor should also take care to ensure that they block areas the child should not go to and restrict their access. Make sure the child is unable to access stairs.

A favorite of all children is the kitchen. This is because the mother spends considerable time here, and this gives a chance for the child to spend more time around her. Another reason is the interesting and unique playthings the child finds here. You must be very careful with things that you leave around the kitchen. There can be hot objects, sharp or even poisonous things around the kitchen that can prove very dangerous with the child around. Make sure your kitchen is clear of anything the child can reach.