Keeping Your Baby Safe

Most people wait for every new milestone of the baby. There is loads of excitement when the baby begins to roll, sit, crawl and walk. All these milestones in children bring their own share of problems. Once your baby completes four months you will need to begin child-proofing your home.

The mattress base of all cots is adjustable. So once your baby is able to sit you must lower the mattress to the lowest position and always make sure to keep the side of the cot up and securely locked. Do not keep children’s cots and beds near curtains. Children love to explore and d not understand danger and fear.

If the child can sit he could try and pull himself up to a standing position using the curtain which could be dangerous. If the crib can rock, see that you lock it when the baby is asleep. Remove all toys and play things from the cot once the baby is asleep.

Once the baby is big enough to sleep on his own bed, it is best to invest in bed guards. Bed guards can be put on either side of the bed to ensure that the child cannot fall off in his sleep. These can be removed during the day. If the child is sleeping alone make sure to keep a light on and keep the door open.

All children love bunk beds. Bunk beds are not suitable for children under the age of seven. Kids want to sleep on the top bunk. There is always a chance of falling off. If you are yet planning on making bunk beds avoid putting a ceiling fan. A good way to prevent injury if the child falls off the bed is to keep cushions and pillows on the ground.

Children are very curious and love to explore. They more often than not get themselves in dangerous situations. Children often get themselves locked into rooms and bathrooms. Make sure you have duplicate keys of all doors within easy reach. When doing the child’s room see that the wardrobes can be pushed open from inside as well as outside.