Keeping Yourself Fit During Pregnancy

Experts say exercise keeps us fit and healthy but the way you look during pregnancy depends on the action you take regarding diet and exercise. Most women indulge in an intense longing, stop exercising and use pregnancy as an excuse. However, exercise helps women to minimize their weight gain, boosts their energy, makes you enjoy your pregnancy, sleep better, reduces labor by strengthening the muscles and regain your figure after delivery.

You should always modify your exercise routine by consulting your doctor and make a few adjustments. You must always select pregnancy friendly exercises. If you have been exercising before you just need to make a few changes and continue your exercise but if you have just started then begin slowly and gradually increase, as you feel strong.

Dress comfortably before exercising. Walking, swimming, aerobics, yoga are the few exercises you can start with. Walking is the best exercise during pregnancy. It increases your blood flow, giving you a healthy glow. If you are a runner then you can continue your running even when you are pregnant, but if you have started, then begin with moderate brisk walking.

The key is to listen to your body warning. Morning and late evening hours are best for walking because you get fresh air and you can avoid getting over heated. Opt for a walk in an air conditioned mall during the day.

Regular aerobic exercise has an impact on nutrient stimulation of fetal growth, resulting in giving birth to lighter babies. Specially, during the mature stage of pregnancy when your body tilts towards your back causing backache, yoga relives you from this discomfort.

It also safeguards your legs from swelling. It is vital that you do these exercises under a well trained instructor. Kegal exercises or pelvic floor exercises are very easy and can be done anytime during the day. These exercises should be done from the beginning and throughout the pregnancy.

These workouts will help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Few outdoor games can also be played during pregnancy but you should avoid exercises that may harm you and your baby. You should not overdo exercise and remember to drink adequate water to avoid dehydration.

geeta krishnan