Kegel Exercises For Easy Child Birth

Nobody likes to see a pregnant woman sleeping all throughout the day. As a pregnant woman the chances are that you might have heard plenty of advices to walk, or exercise to keep yourself active all day. How tiring they sound? But no, here is an exercise made specifically for not just pregnant women, but for all women and even men.

Why this exercise becomes all the more important for pregnant women is due to the fact that it helps in easy child birth. So this article is all about the famous ‘Kegel’s Exercise’ for pregnant women:

Kegel’s exercise is known as the wonder exercise for child birth. This was named after Dr A. Kegel who helped his pregnant patients with this knowledge during the 1940s. According to Dr Kegel, for a normal (that is vaginal) delivery the pelvic floor muscles should be well toned and supportive to help your uterus, urethra, bladder and rectum.

By pelvic floor muscles we more specifically mean the pubococcygeus muscle. The exercise is very simple and consists mainly of contraction and relaxation steps. As a result the pelvic floor muscles become well toned which helps in the process of pushing during child birth as you get more control to relax and tighten these muscles.

More over by doing Kegel’s exercise a pregnant woman also reduces her chance of getting a muscle tear during the child birth process.

How to do Kegel’s exercise? Simple, first you need to contract your pelvic muscles and hold this for 10 seconds or so. Now slowly release the muscle and stay relaxed.

That is you need to imagine that you are trying to stop your urine flow every time you want to contract the pelvic muscles. The exercise sounds very simple but you need to do it properly and in timely manner. For example during your third trimester you can do this exercise every day at least 3 times.

Each time you should repeat it atleast for 20-25 times. As you reach your final few weeks, increase the holding time from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Care should be taken not to involve any other part of your body while doing this exercise – that is you should not move your buttock, abdominal muscles, legs etc.

The best part of this exercise is that when you do it, nobody knows that you are doing it. Even when you are watching TV, travelling, sitting in the park or restaurant, you can do this.

Kegel’s exercise is not only for childbirth, it also helps in treating (and preventing) urine incontinence & hemorrhoids, helps you have a better sex life, and even helps in erection for men. So Kegel’s exercise is not only for pregnant women, but men and women at large.